Industrial network

100% of our products are mainly produced in Europe, 80% of which in France

Industrial network

To avoid structural obstacles and to remain at the cutting edge of progress, subcontracting has long been one of the key strategies of Théa. This principle particularly applies to production, with the group using the services of the best French manufacturers for each product category and galenic form. This strategy ensures that our organisation is flexible and fast while preserving a high level of profitability.

However, for some highly strategic and innovative products, Jean-Frédéric Chibret decided to equip Théa with 2 production sites: Farmila Théa in Milan (Italy), and Benac in La Rochelle (France).

Théa naturally meets the highest level of regulatory requirements and applies them internationally.
It carries the status of a pharmaceutical establishment in compliance with the European
Good Manufacturing Practices and is ISO 13485 certified.

A highly strategic manufacturing site

Bénac (France)

Located in La Rochelle in the Charente-Maritime department of France, the BENAC production site is a highly specialised unit manufacturing high-technology ophthalmic inserts which release active ingredients into the eye during cataract surgery or for diagnostic purposes. This innovation has greatly simplified pre-operative mydriasis.

The manufacture of these inserts, which are now widely available in Europe, requires specific know-how. 


A factory on the leading edge of technology

Farmila Théa (Italy)

As a grounbreaker and worldwide leader in the preservative-free eye-care products, Théa retains its own ultra modern production site in the Milan region (Italy) for the manufacturing of preservative-free eye drops and gels in Abak® bottles or Steri-free® tubes.